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Dental Insurance Policies for Unemployed Individuals


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The recent economic meltdowns have caused several people to go jobless with no dental insurance.  An unemployed person shouldn’t suffer any difficulty in getting dental insurance. Keeping this in mind, there are several resources where unemployed individuals can find better dental benefits without having to go through much difficulty. If you are someone who became unemployed recently, you may still enjoy the current dental insurance plan that the employer was providing. If it doesn’t apply to you, you can seek for an individual dental policy through some insurer. If private insurance is way expensive, you can look for government-sponsored cheap dental insurance schemes.

Individual Insurance

This type of insurance is intended for those who are unemployed, self-employed or those whose employer does not provide dental coverage. These insurers have some flexible dental plans for both the individual and the family. The rates depend upon the type of plan and the coverage. Usually it’s like, the higher the deductible amount, the lower the premium.


If you have lost your job and had dental benefits from the previous employer, you may still be able to continue such benefits for up to 18 months. There is a special act which provides support to such unemployed individuals called the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA) which demands extended coverage to terminated employees. It’s applicable to any type of health insurance like medical or dental benefits. In order for you to be eligible for this you are required to sign for COBRA. But there is also a back-kick to it as an employer may discontinue paying the portion of the premium which puts the entire load over the individual to cover the premium.

Government-Sponsored Benefits

A great support is extended by the government for those who are not eligible for COBRA or whose coverage has been finished. The

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Flexible premiums

state provides medical assistance programs called Medicaid to those needy individuals and families. In order to qualify for this benefit one must show documents regarding lack of income. This medical plan includes full medical coverage including the dental benefits. Don’t be disappointed if you don’t qualify for Medicaid. Check with your state department of insurance to get dental benefits for your children. These are usually very cheap dental insurance plans.

Importantly, you need to know that this type of unemployed dental coverage cost you more as compared to the dental benefits you enjoyed through your previous employer. It’s better to consult with a licensed insurer to get quotes on different plans before you go ahead and choose one.